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Since 1983, Voltrega’s company is situated at the head of the pets’ sector companies. What started as a little familiar firm is now one of the best European companies producing cages and birds houses, and at the same time housings for rodents and other pets. The production is exported to many different countries and the catalogue available is perhaps the most extended nowadays.


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  • Published by Adam Osika on 29/09/2021

    Bardzo dobra do zamieszkania kanarka lub szczygla

  • Published by Monica on 01/05/2021

    A very well designed feeder/drinker, compact easy to clean, use the short side for food and the long side for water. They are wide enough for 2 large finches or 3 small finches to use at the same time would also suit budgies or canaries. Solves the problem of bathing in the drinking water, and they hold a large amount, only for use on horizontal bars. I love them, wish I found them sooner.

  • Published by Lauren on 28/09/2020

    Very highly recommend! Great for two adult guinea pigs. More room then the ‘Pink Ferplast Small Animal one. The corners of the new ‘Voltrega’ are allot better and so much more more hassle-free. I have been trying to get a better cage for ages as other brands like ‘Ferplast’ have loose corners meaning they collapse too easily and annoying, but this new ‘Voltrega’ has more strength to the corners meaning it doesn’t collapse at all! I love it so much! Cannot thank Miscota enough! Deliveries to Northern Ireland are so slow which is understandable but well worth the wait! Again Thank you Miscota! X

  • Published by Julaian Fong on 05/05/2020

    Very good
    Supa good

  • Published by Tuva on 22/01/2020

    Perfect fit for my budgie. She loves it ????????

  • Published by Stacey Fraser on 29/09/2019

    It's huge and easy to put together

  • Published by Hakki K. on 08/02/2019

    Fin liten transportbur bra

  • Published by Hakki K. on 08/02/2019

    Precis som det är jättenöjd

  • Published by Natasha S. on 19/01/2018

    It's a good cage for the price. Strong and compact. Not too big, but enough for 2 birds (canaries or similar )

  • Published by Nina on 05/07/2017

    Älskar den! Min lilla kanin gör det också! En mer lyxig bur skulle jag säga, där mycket får plats! Ska definitivt köpa en större bur härifrån när min lilla Robin har blivit för stor för den här!

  • Published by on 27/07/2016

    Bought as a gift for my daughter, she loves the colour, the hamster appears to be very happy in the cage, there is a lot of space to explore, it is easy to clean. We have a Syrian hamster in this cage.

  • Published by on 28/12/2015

    The cage is perfect but the delivery times were awful! It has been sent after 1 week of purchasing and there were delays with the delivery company as well. I had to wait more then 2 weeks instead of 5 days...

  • Published by Holly S. on 29/01/2014

    Good cage. Was a little dirty when arrived but it wiped off well, few scratches but nothing major. My bunny loves it. Only good for small breeds though because of the size!

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