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Versele Laga Complete

Versele Laga Complete

Versele Laga Complete

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  • Published by Isabelle L. on 18/07/2021

    Il l’ait s’aime merci

  • Published by Emily on 13/02/2021

    Degu's favorite treat!

  • Published by Aura Von R. on 01/03/2020

    Best pellets I found. My bunny loves them, and they really help him with his urinary issues like bladder sludge.

  • Published by Marie on 14/01/2018

    My Degus love these so much. I give them as treats. They always get excited when I ask if they want a Crock!

  • Published by Aura Von R. on 18/12/2017

    My bunny had bladder sludge & used to have discomfort when relieving himself. The pellets with cranberries have greatly helped with this issue. He relieves perfectly along with ample water intake. Easy on the stomach too. Best pellets with no harmful ingredients. I've seen choking & dental issues with other pellets but not this one. It's perfect!

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