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Van Cat

Van Cat

Van Cat is a brand that produces different types of cat litter. Van Cat cat litter stands out for being 100% natural and 99.5% dust-free. Products made for all types of felines that you can distinguish their economic price and high quality. You will find them available in various formats.

Van Cat

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At Van Cat we manufacture 4 types of litter:


- Biodegradable: it is composed of wood fibres and does not contain any chemical elements. Highly absorbent.


- Sepiolite: this is the cheapest litter and also has a good absorption capacity. It works by absorbing the pee and masking the faeces. It is the only litter that can pick up some dust and its porosity can filter liquids to the bottom of the tray.


- Silica: the sand formed by silica gel stands out for its colour and shape. It is also known as crystal or pearl sand. Van Cat silica litter is noted for neutralising the smell of cat pee and keeping it there for up to 20 to 30 days.


- Clumping: odourless litter made from clumping clay. By adding Van Cat clumping litter to our litter tray, we will ensure that our cat's faeces (both liquid and solid) are compacted. This will make it easier to remove and help us to keep their litter box clean.


Benefits and advantages: 

- Antibacterial

- Scented

- 100% Bentonite

- High absorption power

- Contains only 0.5 % powder