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Walk and Travel

Trixie Walk and Travel

Trixie is a German brand specializing in accessories for pets in general, whether articles of clothing, nutritional supplements, toys, hygiene care, feeders, cages and kennels, antiparasitic, belts for all types of animals are dogs, cats, birds , rodents or reptiles, with a wide variety of accessories of all kinds with a clear mission, make more comfortable people peacefully coexist with animals in the home. Exporting and be a leader in accessories in more than 40 countries with more than 7000 references in pet accessories.

Walk and Travel

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  • Published by Sarah Jean on 25/08/2021

    The basket itself came damaged on the top part of wicker, but is still fully functioning. I will not be returning it or taking any action. This basket is literally a third of the price of all the ones I see on Etsy and I plan on spray painting it black anyway. Overall I am pleased and would purchase again.

  • Published by Fernanda on 31/03/2021

    This is a very good quality products. My pet loved it. It's big and perfect fitted.

  • Published by Martina on 31/03/2021

    Easy install and clean and comfortable for you pet

  • Published by Angels on 07/11/2018

    Best travel bag I had for my cat, so far. It's comfortable both for you and your pet. The base is soft but also super strong.

  • Published by julien on 23/04/2018

    Wouldn't go for a drive without it. Easy to clean and great value!

  • Published by on 21/08/2015

    This harness is fab. I have one each for both my dogs, it doesn't choke them when they pull and has a handle at the top which I have found very handy when needing to control them at a short distance

  • Published by Andrea G. on 27/03/2014

    A great harness, great value, comfortable for dogs and the grab handle on the top is a great feature.

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