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Marie K.

Rodent Fruit Snacks are a type of food supplement that mixes tropical fruits and nuts. A rich and varied food that can be given together with hay or other herbs. Perfect for guinea pigs, hamsters, rats or rabbits... they will find it very entertaining and will provide them with an important mineral and vitamin supplement.

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Jr Farm Fruit Snacks for Rodents

JR FARM Fruit Salad is an exclusive mix of many high quality fruits from all over the world. It provides your pets with valuable vitamins and balanced nutrition. The perfect snack if you want to give your animal something very special.


  • 200 GR 47 235Kč/KG

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  • x1 47 47Kč/unit
  • x2 -1Kč 93 46Kč last unit
  • x3 -1Kč 140 46Kč last unit
  • x5 -2Kč 233 45Kč last unit

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Ingredients Jr Farm Fruit Snacks for Rodents

Extracted corn- and ricemeal, bananas 22%, corn flakes, carob, pineapple 7.2%, apricots 4.8 %, beetroots 2%

Features Jr Farm Fruit Snacks for Rodents

  • Reference4024344008825
  • Weight200 GR
  • BrandJr Farm
  • Snacks ShapeChips, Flakes
  • FlavorFruits
  • Small Animal TypeRabbits, Guinea Pigs

Description Jr Farm Fruit Snacks for Rodents

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