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Leaders in Pet Nutrition and Innovation Pets are our passion. As one of the world’s leaders in pet care, we’ve been serving pets and their owners for more than 80 years, continually advancing the science behind pet nutrition and pet care. At Purina we are committed to continued innovation. That’s why nutritionists, food scientists, behaviourists, vets and other experts are working on an enormous range of initiatives across four major science centres in the USA and Europe. Purina is also working to set the pet health agenda for the twenty-first century by monitoring the most important health issues that are facing pets today. PRO PLAN® formulas contain high-quality chicken, lamb or salmon as the main ingredient to limit the loss of nutrients in order to give dogs and cats the greatest possible benefit. It is this combination of rigorously selected ingredients, no added artificial colours and no added preservatives that makes PRO PLAN® a high-quality product.

Nutrition for a lifetime of natural protection Dogs and cats have natural protective systems that support their health throughout their life. These are the immune and digestive systems and the barrier provided by their skin and coat. These systems must work together in harmony to support their overall health. If the performance of one is less than 100%, it can lead to problems with their whole system. Each one of these protective systems can only perform efficiently at 100% when supplied with optimal levels of essential nutrients. And that’s why the food ingredients, vitamins and minerals provided by PRO PLAN® are scientifically selected for their ability to help support their immune, digestive and skin & coat systems. Body-friendly nutrients such as vitamin E, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and essential minerals such as zinc are included at the optimal levels for protection. These are levels well above the minimum requirements for basic nutrition. With high-quality chicken, lamb or salmon as the main ingredient, no added colours or preservatives, PRO PLAN® formulas are as palatable as they are nutritious.

Pro Plan Cat kittens

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  • Published by Ben P. on 10/09/2013

    Our first Bernese mountain dog struggled during his first year. His fur, joints nor weight could catch up with his need to grow. Eventually a couple of years into adulthood the problems disappeared. Now we did not want to do the same mistake twice so we researched a lot before taking our second Bernese dog. We decided to switch from a local brand to Eukanuba. This furball is already a year old and has done very well in comparison to the first dog and we believe the secret to be Eukanuba.

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