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From the beginnings in 1946, Paul F. Iams sought out new ways to create premium, quality pet foods that would help give cats and dogs healthy, active and happy lives.

Paul Iams spent time with breeders and nutritionists, learning the importance of protein and the role of fat in pet food. He considered cats and dogs as being best fed as carnivores with high protein and high fat diets, an approach which was to revolutionise his way of making IAMS and his choice of ingredients. It was everything he believed in and it set a new standard for pet food; advanced nutrition to make a substantive difference to the health and vitality of pets. This belief has become the basis for innovation after innovation.


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  • Published by Dovile L. on 08/04/2020

    Great food and quick delivery!

  • Published by Kerri on 11/01/2019

    My dog is 11 and struggles to eat certain foods as she has a tender stomach but this works perfect .

  • Published by Caecilia on 27/08/2018

    My dog is quite picky but he liked this dry food a lot.

  • Published by on 20/06/2016

    We are very pleased with product . Lily that is our little Dog she Loves the Food. Also PRICE IS JUST RIGHT . Good service .Thank you Richard.

  • Published by on 03/06/2016

    Fantastic stuff, after about 6-8 months of use my tubby cat is almost as slim as his brother, top marks Thankyou xx

  • Published by lisa g. on 01/06/2016

    Great product, My Dalmatian loves it... did take a while to come, (just over a week) but i would and will reorder again, just have to be more organzied and make sure i do it in advance. Im happy and my dog is happy..

  • Published by on 10/01/2016

    Great product at great price but took quite a while (well over a week and a half) to be delivered. Nearly ran out of food for the old girl and didn't want to have to buy more to tide us over. Will order earlier next time!

  • Published by Amanda B. on 25/12/2015

    Really good for my Border collie puppy he has been on this food since I brought him at 9 weeks old, he is now 9 months old & is developing well from these Iams

  • Published by Deborah W. on 01/12/2015

    Our 12 year old whippet enjoys this food, he eats it with meat (so I don't know if that makes a difference). But he always empties his bowl!

  • Published by donna b. on 23/10/2015

    Great food, my 12 yearold Lab loves it (so does our cat!!), glossy coat and he's always full of energy. Highly recommend.
    Delivery however wasn't the best from this company, they should be honest with the time scale of delivery so people can either order way in advance or not at all ...... we had to buy a small one to tide us over until our order was delivered. Honesty is always the best option!

  • Published by Ligita V. on 31/08/2015

    have been using this food for my two american bulldog(11 and 7 years old),eat well, allergic reactions were observed.Sorry for mystake(google translate)-not allergic reactions!

  • Published by on 14/08/2015

    We have been using the IAMS Senior & Mature product for sometime now. Our 11 years old Samoyed thrives on it

  • Published by on 05/08/2015

    have been using this food for my older Boxer dog ( 9 years) and it really suits him much easier to use than tims etc ..

  • Published by Clair S. on 27/07/2015

    This food is excellent value for money, the RRP is much more expensive! Also, the different sizes and flavours of the biscuits mean that your cat will never be bored. My cats are different sizes and are fussy eaters but they love this and the condition of their fur has really improved, they are sleek and glossy now :) Highly recommend trying this for yourself!

  • Published by Jason M. on 25/03/2015

    Excellent product, have 2 cats different ages and 1 of them is very fussy but both love multi-cat. So handy to feed them the same food

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