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Taking care of a horse is a great responsibility and it must be carried out with dedication and attention. It is an important task that will help your horse to keep physically and mentally in shape. Fro this reason in Miscota.co.uk we offer you the chance to provide them the best products for your horses delicate nutrition, their grooming and right care. Scroll down to check out the best equipment for you and them: insect control and repellents, toys, books, informative DVDs and much more, because your pets happiness is our happiness!

Equine Nutrition

Our pets have always been considered as family members. For this reason, in Miscota.co.uk we offer  them the best to keep them healthy and in shape. Equine diet has to be varied, from a quantative and a qualitative point of view, and should be planned basing on the horses’ weight, breed, gender, age, climate, season and the type of activity they carry out. Horses presenting different breeds or thoroughbred horses require a fine and rich diet. In Miscota.co.uk we do our best to offer to our clients what they need. Concerning equine nutrition, we only choose the finest brands, among which: CavalorSpillers, Altube, Dodson & Horrel, and many more, available in dry and wet food, to satisfy every possible preference of your horse. Besides, in Miscota.co.uk you can find a wide range of natural supplements that, combined with a balanced diet, may prevent and cure different diseases, such as digestion problems, teeth and gum diseases, damaged joints and a weak immune system.

Horse Equipment

Miscota.co.uk offers you the best selection of products for horse riding equipment. You will find products from the leading brands, some of which are Biothane, Davis, Delta, Robinson, QHP and many more, available on our website in the specific section. We offer a wide selection of bridles and reins, blinders, saddles, paw and tail protection for your four-legged friends, that may come useful on occasions such as high hurdles ; bandages, blankets and sheets to shelter your horse in the stable and protect it during the cold weather, and a broad variety of accessories that you will find on our website Miscota.co.uk.

Rider Equipment

Miscota.co.uk provides you with the finest selection of goods for rider equipment. Our website you can find safety and apparel products for riders. You will have at your disposal the top brands on the market, namely Equi-Theme, Galequus, Hermano Gòmez, QHP and a lot more. You can check out our products on the specific section in our website Miscota.co.uk. Here, you will find at your disposal a wide range of men and women apparel, helmets for the riders’ safety and other types of protection gear and accessories. You just have to browse on the section dedicated to « Horses » and look for the products you need.

Grooming and Health Care

It is essential to take care of your horse. Horse owners are aware  that horses are delicate animals requiring constant care and attention. Their coat, mane and tail get easily dirty with dust, insects and can lose their luster over time. For an effective and long-lasting grooming, there are simple steps to follow to be combined with products specific for eliminating dust, insects and sweat deposits in the saddle and girdle area. Miscota.co.uk puts at your disposal the best products for your horse’s grooming and healthcare, the ones of the most popular brands, namely Ad Equum, Cavalor, Crin Blanca e VetNova and many more. You can check them out on our website Miscota.co.uk in the specific section. We offer you a wide variety of shampoo, conditioners, accessories, brushes, towels and sponges to keep your horse clean, and you will also find deodorants and grooming kits. You just have to browse on the section « Horse » to have a look to everything you need to take care of your equine friend.


Insect Control and Repellent

A good horse insect control is a great system for protecting our animals. Horse owners know well how important it is to constantly take care of their horses wellbeing. t is of fundamental importance to always consult with your vet, but you can rely on specific products that can come as a real support for our animals health. Insect control for horses is a great ally when it comes to protecting your horse, since the latter is an animal that can « host » more than 150 species of parasites. It consists of a large number, that can translate into a series of health problems for our animals. Our website Miscota.co.uk has put at your disposal a vast and varied selection of Insect control and Repellents, namely Bense & Eicke, Cashel, Crinar e Equine America and many more. You can check them out on our website Miscota.co.uk in the specific section. You just have to browse on the section « Horse » to find everything you need to take care of your equine friend.