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We are proud of our sourcing and would like to share this with you.
The main ingredient we use is salmon and all of our salmon is sourced from Norwegian farmed salmon.
Why Norway? – Clean clear waters and a well regulated and controlled fisheries industry allows high quality fish with excellent sustainability credentials.
Why Farmed Fish? It is undeniable that there is controversy over the merits of fish farming.  Whilst there are many instances, of bad practise in Aquaculture, not all fish farming is the same and in Norway you find some of the best practise in the world.  The reason for this is a high level of regulation and control.  Norway is a small, wealthy country that takes protection of its natural environment seriously and is culturally happy with government control of its industry.  Norway tightly controls its aquaculture resulting in small scale operations with a requirement to continually test and monitor and clean up after itself.  The worst cases of bad practise in aquaculture tend to come from huge industrial scale fish farms with no controls seen in other parts of the world.
Another common criticism of fish farming is the use of antibiotics and growth hormones to promote growth – quite simply this is banned in Norway
Responsibly conducted fish farming offers a great opportunity for long term sustainable food production – both human and animal.  The industry is far from perfect but massive investment in research and development is improving it every day.
It is also worth noting that farming fish has a lower environmental impact than animal farming with fish requiring 2.9 kg of Co2 per kg of edible food compared to 5.9 kg for pork and 30 kg for beef.  Because fish are cold blooded they use minimal energy keeping warm, also it takes less energy to support a body in water than it does on land making fish a highly efficient converter of feed when compared to farming of land animals.

Fish4Dog Finest

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  • Published by Susanne on 07/04/2019

    Min hund kan ikke fungere på andet foder

  • Published by Judit M. on 14/08/2015

    Mi perro tenia intolerancia a muchas comidas y me recomendaron Fish4Dogs y desde entonces todo perfecto!

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