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UV Filters for Ponds

UV Filters for Ponds

All products of uv filters for ponds

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UV pond clarifiers

One of the biggest concerns in maintaining ponds, is the spread of algae that gives a bad appearance to the water and affects the health of the fish.

To prevent such propagation, there are different methods, all available in , and that will help the maintenance of the ponds.

How pond clarifiers work? The ultraviolet light passing through the filters to the water, microorganisms exposed to solar radiation to help eradicate. Algae take the UV light - emitting pond water clarifiers and this helps to eliminate and prevent recurrence.

We have an extensive list of UV clarifiers lamps that have the highest technology to eliminate so guaranteed, green pond water.

Easy installation of pond water clarifiers

UV pond clarifiers have systems that allow exposure of light on the pond prolonged and uniform exposure so that the effect is permanent.

The installation of these clarifiers for ponds is easy and simple, so that you yourself can do at home. Mounting brackets are included so that this task is not complicated in any way.

UV lamps clarifiers

These lamps are available in different sizes, shapes and prices so you can choose the one that suits you. Some of our clarifiers even have indicators that warn when they are working or when maintenance is required.

If we talk about brands, we have the best known as Atman , Hagen and Tetra .