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Eukanuba Puppy

Eukanuba Puppy

Eukanuba is a Procter & Gamble company that has more than 40 years of experience with dog and cat food. Choosing to use high quality animal protein from a wide variety of sources like eggs, chicken, lamb and fish, they believe in the importance of feeding dogs and cats accordingly to their carnivore origins. Eukanuba has contributed millions to food science and their products have passed dozens of quality checks all with the aim of improving the benefits of their products.

Eukanuba Puppy

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  • Published by on 01/10/2013

    Great discover Eukanuba and very happy with Miscota. Their prices are so competitive. I totally recommend it.

  • Published by Anthony T. on 11/09/2013

    To be honest I have never bothered with buying any breed specific food. The universal products have always served well enough and I am saying that after 40 years of experience with pets. Hills for a long time and now Eukanuba, I am happy with both but do prefer the latter. Also Hill´s prices are not as competitive in Miscota as Eukanuba's.

  • Published by Ben P. on 10/09/2013

    Our first Bernese mountain dog struggled during his first year. His fur, joints nor weight could catch up with his need to grow. Eventually a couple of years into adulthood the problems disappeared. Now we did not want to do the same mistake twice so we researched a lot before taking our second Bernese dog. We decided to switch from a local brand to Eukanuba. This furball is already a year old and has done very well in comparison to the first dog and we believe the secret to be Eukanuba.

  • Published by Mathew M. on 30/08/2013

    This is the food that my Jack Russell got started on a very long time ago. While it is hard to judge its benefits and I barely remember if he had any problems or not, he has lived a long a fulfilling life and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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