Trixie Slow Feeding Plastic Dog Feeder



  • 0,3 L 88 293Kč/L
  • 0,8 L 134 168Kč/L
  • 1,4 L 202 144Kč/L

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  • x1 88 88Kč/unit
  • x2 -2Kč 174 86Kč last unit
  • x3 -3Kč 261 85Kč last unit
  • x5 -4Kč 436 84Kč last unit
  • x1 134 134Kč/unit
  • x2 -3Kč 265 131Kč last unit
  • x3 -4Kč 398 130Kč last unit
  • x5 -7Kč 663 127Kč last unit
  • x1 202 202Kč/unit
  • x2 -4Kč 400 198Kč last unit
  • x3 -6Kč 600 196Kč last unit
  • x5 -10Kč 1.000 192Kč last unit

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Features Trixie Slow Feeding Plastic Dog Feeder

  • Reference4047974250266
  • Weight300 GR
  • BrandTrixie
  • ColorsBlue
  • CharacteristicsIngest control
  • Capacity1,4 L, 0,3 L, 0,8 L
  • TypeFeeders
  • Color

Description Trixie Slow Feeding Plastic Dog Feeder

Trixie's Slow Feeding plastic feeder is an accessory designed for dogs to eat more slowly and improve their digestion. This feeder has obstacles in the form of bones that force the dog to look for food with the tongue and chew more. In this way, the dog is prevented from swallowing large amounts of food and the risks of choking, vomiting, gases and gastric torsion are reduced.


prevents food from engulfing
Apt for all types of feed
Non -slip for the rubber base
Plastic material
easy to clean
We can place feed and wet food


Oxford polyester
With stable metal structure with lacquered paint
The mesh tissue provides a pleasant refreshing effect on warm days
folding to save storage space
With handles
removable case


Resistant and grip sole makes it non -slip (PVC)
tight adjustment thanks to the long perneera, the elastic fist and velcro closures
Buypirable material (polyester)
comfortable to carry
Special protection in stony or hot terrain
protect against salt and sand in winter
Hygienic protection for wounds
With reflective elements
Color: black

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