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Dog Coats

In our shop online animals have everything you need for your pet, whatever. And in the case of dogs we offer all kinds of items for your comfort, health, education or entertainment, even to travel with the dog . And of course in such a broad catalog could not miss a section dedicated to the clothing dogs . In short, we propose a canine dressing room where you'll find everything: jackets, shoes, dresses and pajamas, and logically the most demanded: coats and raincoats for dogs.

Differences between windbreaker and coat

Actually, the difference raincoat and a canine dog coat is identical in the case of these garments for humans. While the rain jacket becomes a raincoat Dog, ideal for during the days of rain coat your pet from getting wet, in the case of a dog coat is about all that, a garment that protects you from the cold, both his back and stomach. While you'll notice coats also more complete dogs that come to cover the top of the legs and can even lead hood.

Look at our catalog and showcase of prestigious brands such as Hurtta , Freedog or Alcott and see the myriad of models presented in our online pet store. See how we have clothes for all tastes, inspired by the current fashion and made of identical materials and shapes similar to shelters that can take you. That is, here you can find parkas, polar or jackets for dogs in all different colors or prints.

Advantages of using raincoats for dogs

Clearly, if it rains, the most appropriate is a dog raincoat, with which the hair is not wet, and therefore have to wipe it right when you get home. At the same time, the chances of catching a cold is reduced. Also in the case of older animals and bone problems such items for dogs are a good protection for your pains. And of course, regardless of age and size, everyone knows that a wet dog smells much more than being dry, a factor which corrects a lot using dog raincoats .

More outerwear for dogs

Options do not end here so that your pet does not get cold. Or at home thanks to the many blankets for dogs we have in paragraph rest, as other garments with which you can dress when going for a walk in the cold winter days.

For example, we have many models jersey for dogs . We garments that offer us so recognized brands in any pet store like Trixie or Yagu , and even other brands specializing in animal design clothes, as in the case of Dogmodel . These and many others are proposing Miscota present in knitted sweaters, stuffed plush, fleece, etc.

However, if you prefer that for aesthetic or comfort of your animal bearing something smaller, you may opt for a vest for dogs, which also can see a large number of proposals. Or the same is true if you are looking types and models of shoes for dogs or dog more fashion shirts.

Anyway, your pet does not have to be cold thanks to the many garments, accessories and dog accessories we offer.