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Bathing and Waste Disposal for Dogs

Bathing and Waste Disposal for Dogs

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Collect the droppings dog

When leaving in any of the daily walks with our dog, there are some items that we must never forget. On the one hand, they are logically both straps and dog collars , and lest you must keep in mind the regulations on pets, which prevents carry loose dogs cities and habitations, except in certain areas and at certain times.

And on the other hand it is absolutely essential to leave home with hygienic bags for dogs , indispensable to collect their droppings. If using the collar and leash for dogs requires us the law, in the case of sanitary bags forces us first the decency to clean up staining our pet, but that she also tells us the law because if we do not can be fined.

Question of civics

In short, it is a matter of civility and hygiene. We can do this with simple plastic bags for dogs, or if you're squeamish, in our pet shop you can also find different models of excrement collector.

Be on the street, in the park or on the beach we clean our animal droppings. Something which otherwise is extremely simple, just bend over, pick up a bag for dog droppings and then throw it away.

If you have a dog, and you do not meet such as civic task, not only you risk a fine for your unhygienic behavior, you may also revile you down the street for contributing to widespread contamination. And not only that, but also with your attitude that automatically provoke insults and despises all dog owners, since it is usually generalize on this issue.

Bag dispensers

For this reason we invite. Rather, we force you to pick up after your dog when you go for a walk. For that we offer everything you need, from bags to the scavengers that we've already discussed. But you can also purchase a dispensing plastic bags, the best choice to always have on hand, along with dog leash and you do not forget.

Educating your dog

The accessories that you have named are typical of an educated owner who has managed to make your dog needs away from home, but do not want to share with other citizens. But to get to that state, obviously we educate our dog from puppyhood. And as happens with children, we can use diapers, in this case, dog diapers .

Throughout this phase of education, if we want to go constantly picking up their droppings we have to make use of these diapers special canines. Although you may think that much more cumbersome to clean their solid stools by the different rooms of the house, he is doing with his urine.

This is very important urinary training, so that you do not spoil the furniture or mark certain places home. So, to correct these behaviors in our pet store, we also have different types of swabs for dogs . And not just for the younger ones, but also for older animals, when they can suffer incontinence problems.