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Anti-Barking, Anti-Pulling & More for Dogs

Anti-Barking, Anti-Pulling & More for Dogs

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Dog Bark Control Systems

It is inevitable and most natural for dogs to bark. And in most cases it is to communicate. That is, it is not a problem barking, but do it soon opportune moments and especially not obey when ordered to keep silent. To achieve this it is interesting to use any of the anti barking systems that we offer in our shop online animals.

Bark Dog Collars

The basic system is a bark collar . Its mechanism is simple. It is a device whereby, when the dog barks from a distance can cause a negative stimulus that bothers the animal, until finally relates this unpleasant sensation with its barking.

In our pet shop you have examples of different types of bark collars on the market. That is, collars that provide small electric shocks or create vibrations, others that emit ultrasound and finally to release spray. All in never harmful to the animal amount but annoying and always with the goal of being an effective tool in dog training. In fact, studies endorse the use of these anti - bark collars has a specific educational impact without increasing emotional suffering or stress level of the animal.

Dog training collars

You can see the variety of devices that you can serve as training collar for dogs. Products are studied in two ways, firstly that are effective and which do not produce other animals them any damage or trauma. Therefore, we propose only the creations of brands that specialize in this type of items for dogs, as they can be Petsafe or Numaxes .

Very carefully, but also high quality. In fact, the effects on education Petsafe bark collar can be tested in any of its models as they show us all possible solutions, are electric dog collars with spray discharges or ultrasound.

And the same is true of training collars Canicom, the Numaxes brand, a brand that proposes models like the Canicom 1500 that becomes controllable even kilometer and a half away between dog and owner equipped with remote control necklace. However, this distance depends on geography, and perhaps never let both our pet away, so it may not be enough with other models like the Canicom 200 or as much Canicom 800 .

Spare parts for training collars

Not only we are going to make necklaces itself, you can also use our online pet store to buy the necessary spare parts. Ultimately it is the batteries for remote controls, and whose fragrance spray bothers them and educate at the same time. You will see that we have different refills aromas, although among the most practical and demand is always citronella.

Other antiladridos systems

The same substances spray to spray the dog with the collar can be used with hand sprayers. Obviously the effects are the same, and not just to prevent nuisance barking, but also nipping it should not or correct misbehavior at his dog food. Logically, in this case you do not have a remote control, and the dog must be with the owner to educate those acts at the time.

Instead, there are other training systems that can be used remotely, but they do not need a necklace. It is the different types of antiladridos whistle . Well shaped like a whistle or issuer. In both cases, it comes to devices that emit ultrasound, which we did not hear but the animal itself, and with them we train gradually.