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By Marie K.

Marie K.

The model Tornado. The level of difficulty is very low and the Tornado is a fun and interactive toy. We recommend this kind of learning game with this model for beginners. Magic Interactive toys to play with your pets. The canines educators highly recommend sharing the owner-dog moments and enhance education and skills.You have many years to enjoy together with your dog.

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Nina Ottosson Tornado

A clever and activating game for you and your dog and cat​Dog Tornado has four layers of rotating discs. In three layers there are compartments where treats can be hidden. The dog/cat has to learn to rotate the different layers in different dir ...

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Features Nina Ottosson Tornado

  • Reference7312133331153
  • BrandNina Ottosson
  • MaterialsPlastic
  • LevelLevel 2
  • TypeBoards

Description Nina Ottosson Tornado

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Rapidamente descobriu como tirar os biscoitos e adora comer a ração no tornado. Deveria vir com mais blocos de plastico para aumentar a dificuldade.