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By Oscar V.

Oscar V.

Keeping your dog free of parasites is vital, as these, in addition to itching, cause numerous skin problems.

It is very important to follow the deworming routine to avoid plagues at home or in your dog. Keep in mind that parasites can be found everywhere, so if your dog is well protected you will have nothing to worry about.

Frontline Tri-Act Pipettes Large Breed Dogs

Frontline Tri-act and its spot-on solution guarantees total protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and stable flies. These pipettes are indicated for dogs between 20 and 40Kg. Its action is topical and covers the animal completely. Benefits - ... See full description


  • 3 Drops 825
  • 6 Drops 1.395

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 825 825Kč/unit
  • x2 -33Kč 1.617 792Kč last unit
  • x3 -50Kč 2.426 776Kč last unit
  • x5 -83Kč 4.043 743Kč last unit
  • x1 1.395 1.395Kč/unit
  • x2 -56Kč 2.734 1.339Kč last unit
  • x3 -84Kč 4.101 1.311Kč last unit
  • x5 -140Kč 6.836 1.256Kč last unit

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Features Frontline Tri-Act Pipettes Large Breed Dogs

  • Reference3661103045755
  • BrandFrontline
  • Pet Weight20 - 40 Kg.
  • Product RangeFrontline Tri-Act
  • Insects and parasitesFlea, Leishmaniasis Mosquitos, Flies, ,
  • Type of ComponentsChemical
  • Units3 Drops, 1 Drops, 6 Drops
  • Dog Size


  • TRI-ACT 20-40KG

Description Frontline Tri-Act Pipettes Large Breed Dogs

Customer Reviews Frontline Tri-Act Pipettes Large Breed Dogs

5 Stars | 382 reviews
5 Stars
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excellent quality product gives great protection and is so easy to use and cause no harm to the dogs at all


rapidez na entrega


son las que llevo usando desde que tenemos la pequeño, son algo caras pero hasta ahora han dado muy buen resultado


excelente, muy eficaz

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