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Marie K.

Cushion Jolly

Comfortable mattress that will help your dog to have a good night sleep. It is easy to wash and it is waterproof. Also when travelling this dog bed is very convenient and easy to transport. It is important that you teach where is his sleeping zone and also that dog bed is not a toy and he should not play with it.

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Ferplast Jolly Rectangle Black Rectangular Dog Cushion

Jolly is a cushion for dogs, made of hi-tech, super durable, waterproof fabric. <br/ > It is ideal inside dog carriers in the Ferplast Atlas Car or Atlas Vision range and is also useful as a car seat cover or for protecting your car boot. <b ...


  • 83x50 cm 984 24Kč/M

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  • x1 984 984Kč/unit
  • x2 -20Kč 1.948 964Kč last unit
  • x3 -30Kč 2.922 954Kč last unit
  • x5 -49Kč 4.871 935Kč last unit

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Features Ferplast Jolly Rectangle Black Rectangular Dog Cushion

  • Reference8010690106397
  • BrandFerplast
  • ColorBlack
  • ColorsBlack
  • Size98x65 cm, 57x38 cm, 65x48 cm, 83x50 cm, 108x79 cm
  • ShapeRectangular
  • TypeMattresses and Cushions


  • Detalles jolly

Description Ferplast Jolly Rectangle Black Rectangular Dog Cushion

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Perfecto, lo quería para el maletero del coche, y las medidas y el grososr son perfectos para lo que quería.


Direi che il prezzo vale l'acquisto, è davvero a prova di morso e acqua, il mio cane ci gioca e non è riuscito ancora a romperlo nonostante i morsi

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