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By Oscar V.

Oscar V.

Ferplast Animal Bed 

Great dog bed with removable pillow. Easy to clean, durable and modern design.

Many dog owners fear that the dog will rip bed apart, some had to change bed because old one was found broken. This usually happens because dogs are not trained and educated, also some dogs find it interesting to play with the bed and bite in it. Teach your dog that bed is not a toy and provide your dog with things that he can actually play with. It is important to teach your dog that you are the boss so he respects you and the things you say. 

Qualitative product.

Ferplast Animal Bed Pillow Cushion

Measurements:2     52 x 39 x h 21 cm4     64 x 48 x h 25 cm6     73 x 55 x h 27 cm8     85 x 62 x h 28,5 cm10   96 x 71 x h 32 cm12   114 x 83 x h 37 cmMIXED COLORS See full description


  • 52x39x21 cm 747 2Kč/M
  • 73x55x27 cm 1.421 1Kč/M
  • 64x48x25 cm 2.376 3Kč/M

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 747 747Kč/unit
  • x2 -15Kč 1.479 732Kč last unit
  • x3 -22Kč 2.219 725Kč last unit
  • x1 1.421 1.421Kč/unit
  • x2 -28Kč 2.814 1.393Kč last unit
  • x3 -43Kč 4.220 1.378Kč last unit
  • x1 2.376 2.376Kč/unit
  • x2 -48Kč 4.704 2.328Kč last unit
  • x3 -71Kč 7.057 2.305Kč last unit
  • x5 -119Kč 11.761 2.257Kč last unit

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Features Ferplast Animal Bed Pillow Cushion

  • Reference8010690097763
  • BrandFerplast
  • ColorAssorted
  • Size2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
  • ColorsAssortments
  • Shape


  • Detalles Cushion

Description Ferplast Animal Bed Pillow Cushion

Customer Reviews Ferplast Animal Bed Pillow Cushion

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impeccable (manque juste plusieurs coloris) autrement un confort extraordinaire pour l'animal et facile d'entretien


sono contento molto comoda per il mio cane si trova bene… Peccato che avevo ordinato la versione mimetica giallo fluo e mi è arrivata la versione nera con i cuori..


super content , ma wippet est ravis je le conseil et le camouflage vert est pas mal finalement le service livraison est rapide

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