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Eukanuba Breed Specific for dogs

Eukanuba Breed Specific for dogs

Eukanuba is a Procter & Gamble company that has more than 40 years of experience with dog and cat food. Choosing to use high quality animal protein from a wide variety of sources like eggs, chicken, lamb and fish, they believe in the importance of feeding dogs and cats accordingly to their carnivore origins. Eukanuba has contributed millions to food science and their products have passed dozens of quality checks all with the aim of improving the benefits of their products.

Eukanuba Breed Specific

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  • Published by Edil Filho on 21/05/2021

    Bom produto , tem qualidade !

  • Published by fiona s. on 30/01/2014

    my yorkshire terrier used to love pets at home mini bones and bakers complete until he got 16 teeth removed and found them quite difficult to eat even when we broke them up for him so i searched for a smaller size mix which he can eat i saw a sample pack in b&m tried him and he loved it so thats why i sent to your company for 3 1kg bags hopefully that should last him a good while but when i require more i will certainly use your company again

  • Published by John B. on 21/09/2013

    Our local store didn´t have a great selection so we grew our Lab up on this. Once we found out that there is special food for Lab, we tried to switch. Didn´t work out that great so we are back on this. No complaints at all.

  • Published by Wikitoria M. on 20/09/2013

    Unfortunately this does not serve for our retriever. Being a bred gun dog and fed on high energy products his performance was noticeably better than when on this food. Nothing negative, just not enough for the role our Lab plays.

  • Published by John B. on 18/09/2013

    We switched from Hill´s to Eukanuba for our Shih Tzu. While it has only been a couple of months we have no complaints.

    Also, thank you Miscota for the free treats!

  • Published by Mathew M. on 17/09/2013

    I bought a West Highland White Terrier for my kid's 10th birthday. While the dog is hugely her responsibility, I helped to choose the food. Trusting her judgement and our vet, it seems that I did the right choice by accepting Eukanuba. It has been three years since then and no problems of sorts.

  • Published by Mary P. on 09/09/2013

    We have two Cockers Spaniels just over 4 years old. The breeder started them on Eukanuba and we have continued until now. However we can´t really afford it and would like to see the prices drop or to receive some offers. If not we will search elsewhere

  • Published by John B. on 07/09/2013

    I am writing this on my sisters request. She has grown up with our own Terrier Jackie and loves her with all her heart. But couple of years ago she started complaining about the foul smell. We took Jackie to the vet and got scolded. Her mouth condition was below bad. With special diet foods, dental sticks and prescribed medicine we solved the issue in a year. Soon after we started feeding her with Eukanuba and are still doing so. Haven´t had serious problems since then. While we still use the occasional Dentastick, I am expressing my sisters gratitude to Eukanuba that they have delivered a food that does seem to help.

  • Published by Michael L. on 06/09/2013

    Mixed with Eukanuba treats for senior dogs, our faithful Rottweiler is enjoying his pension. Been buying it for half of his life and will keep doing so.

    Had no idea what to think of Miscota in the beginning, but customer care seems nice enough. As long as it stays cheap I will be shopping with you.

  • Published by John B. on 01/09/2013

    I have a 2 year Boxer who had trouble with hair thinning. He has been on the Eukanuba Boxer Formula for about half a year and his hair has stopped thinning, he has stopped putting on unnecessary weight and gained more muscle! So far so good.

  • Published by Fred T. on 30/08/2013

    My german sheperd was looking rather grim! Her coat was dull, she was weak and looked a lot like knackered. Vet said it was all livers. So I used eukanuba renal for a while. Things got better but not perfect. So I decided to mix a wee bit of german sheperd food and daily care senior, swap between them every now and then. Couple of months later she is healthier, her coat is fine and she seems spirited.

  • Published by Mary P. on 29/08/2013

    Service could have been faster but the prices are very competitive. About the product, Eukanuba has the best quality and cost value. Will always be the preferred choice in my family.

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