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Cat litter trays

All masters, constantly complain about the time they must spend cleaning and home maintenance by the presence of a pet.

If that is your case and you as a companion to a cat, l as trays for cats promote hygiene in your home, because once your pet acquires the habit of doing your needs all the time in the trays for cats, subsequent cleaning will be much easier.

Find litter trays for cats in , and forget the stress of every moment clean dirt. What type of tray are looking for ? Covered trays , trays discovered , or spill trays ?

Your pet will have a very neat site to your needs

The maintenance rules of cat litter trays are very simple. You just empty the cat litter your preference in these trays and from time to time, run the respective cleaning with a shovel cat . Or to make it even easier you can use bags for trays , which are removed and thrown straight into the trash without involving your hands.

These litter boxes for cats allow odors do not spread throughout the home, as the sand neutralizes odors.

We have in our stock trays of different colors and shapes, so you and your cat express their personality through these products.

The cat litter trays also come in different forms. We have trays to the corners of your house, if you do not have much space. This type has a considerable height which does not allow spilling sand and thus promotes hygiene.

We also sandboxes cat rectangular and round, depending on the spaces of your home should be the choice of the shape of the tray of your cat. The important thing is having a considerable height to avoid watering the sand and a sharp edge that makes fixed to the bag if you use trays.

Covered trays for cats

A cats like to keep distance between their food and where do their business . That is why the perfect choice to keep this limit are covered trays for cats . This type of litter box is easy to move, it has a handle on top. Some have a carbon filter to neutralize odors. Cover tray for cats is the perfect choice if you also want to keep the area in complete discretion.

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