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By Marie K.

Marie K.

Scratcher for your cat with interesting design that promotes climbing. 

Cats need place where to scratch their nails especially those who can not go outside. Scratching is an action that provides innate harmony and well-being for cats. The important thing is to find proper place for scratcher it should not deter him from using it. Train and teach your cat, eventually some things will become as habit and will tend to repeat that it is important that you teach your cat to avoid bad behaviour.

This model includes playground for cat and also the scratching area. Your cat will love it.

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Nobby Scratching Post Climber Brown/Beige 118X4



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Features Nobby Scratching Post Climber Brown/Beige 118X4

  • Reference4033766075117
  • BrandNobby
  • ColorsBeige, Brown
  • MaterialsPlush, Sisal
  • Number of FloorsMedianos

Description Nobby Scratching Post Climber Brown/Beige 118X4

Presentation of the product

Scraper climber for cats.

It consists of a lower base that holds the structure of the scraper, a large below cylinder with two holes at different levels of soft fur wrapped, two sticks with two raised platforms where fun toys hanging cat.


Color: Brown / Beige
Fabric: Soft Hair
Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 118 cm

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