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Cleaning bird cages

Take a day cleaning bird cages is crucial if we want to provide our pet a safe habitat for their health and welfare. In we offer you a wide range of products for cleaning bird cages, disinfectants and insecticides generally very useful and effective.

Disinfectants for bird cages

When we go to thoroughly clean the cage or habitat of a bird in captivity, first of all, we must perform sterilization of the entire cage. To do this, we can use sanitizers birdcages, which prevent the appearance of fungi, bacteria and microorganisms that cause many diseases in both birds and humans.

Disinfectants for bird cages you can find on our website online come with a spray system that provides a uniform product distribution throughout the cage. Although chemicals that are harmful to possess bacteria are not toxic neither to the animal or people.

These sanitizers bird cages are also formulated with natural oils and extracts of flowers, offering very pleasant and fresh fragrance to the cage.

Insecticides for bird cages

On our website online you can also get insecticides birdcages, ideal to prevent the spread of pests and bacteria. These products prevent the presence of red mite, a common parasite in birds, which affects the plumage and animal health.

Brands in products for cleaning bird cages

The most demanded brands in items for cleaning bird cages, available in the international online market are Beaphar , Chadog , Savic , Stanvet , Vitakraft and Voltrega , among others. All you can find in the online catalog