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Feeders and birdbaths

When we will have a bird, it is important that we give all the care it needs, we must not forget that pets are very delicate. These must receive much attention, and among the aspects that we should not neglect highlight hygiene, health, entertainment, food and comfort.

It is imperative that our pet will always be comfortable when eating, this will help us avoid many problems such as physical injuries. To keep our bird in top physical condition, it is imperative that we have feeders and birdbaths garden , these will help us keep them in good shape.

In we have a wide variety of feeders and birdbaths for flying , so you can choose the one that suits you or the one that fits better shape your bird.

Tips for installing a bird feeder in your garden

  • Choose a feeder that is suits your needs, size does not greatly affect the number of birds you want to attract, so we recommend one that is not so large that it can easily clean consistently.
  • Choose a good place to place, it is important to be away from any danger of predators like cats, so it is advisable to be high, and if it is covered better because they can be protected from rain and sun.
  • The type of food is determined by the type of bird you want to attract, try different kinds of seeds and fruits to attract all kinds of wild bird, likewise, you can educate yourself in wildlife to know what kind of birds live your location to know what specific food intake.
  • Have patience, as it can take up to months for the first bird to appear and present, remember that these animals are somewhat distrustful so if they come anywhere close to the feeder is because they were hanging around for quite some time before deciding.
  • Consider places them some privacy and quiet, it is important that there are no loud noises. Birds are very alert to everything around them, the idea of having a feeder in the garden for wild birds is to help and to observe, not to disturb them or separate them from their family.

100% original brands in feeders and birdbaths for aviaries

In only quality products, this way we guarantee that you take a real enser and durability that does not compromise the health of your pet is. Recall that the feeders and birdbaths for flying have to offer a good size and shape for the bird feel comfortable eating at all times. For this reason the feeders and birdbaths for aviaries have to be of excellent construction, which will provide the pet all the comfort you need.


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