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Bioiberica Internal Medicine

Bioiberica Internal Medicine

The Division of Veterinary Bioibérica researches and develops solutions for the care of your pet as joints and digestive system.

As for joint attention Veterinary Division is a leader in Chondroprotection. Thanks to wings eofrece solutions to care for cats and dogs with osteoarthritis. These solutions are scientifically supported, both nationally and internationally.

They provide solutions for the care of the digestive system of animals, and focus on two lines of research: one for cats and dogs with liver problems, and the other for intestinal health, regardless of whether it is Pets with an imbalance of bacterial flora or pets with intestinal disorders.

Bioiberica Internal Medicine

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  • Published by Maike on 12/02/2024

    Good product -I wish I knew this product before-it really works on cats.

  • Published by Ioanna V. on 27/01/2024

    excellent product helps me managing my leish dog

  • Published by Katja on 14/07/2023

    Good to strengthen immunity of dogs.

  • Published by Wendy on 16/01/2023

    excellent immune booster for health compromised dogs and cats

  • Published by Monica on 01/12/2022

    It helps my dog’s immune system, he has leishmaniasis and this helps keeping it in check

  • Published by Lisa on 02/01/2022

    excellent product

  • Published by Yee Peng M. on 27/06/2021

    i have been their loyalty customer since 2019, miscota is very efficient seller and highly recommended to pet lovers

  • Published by Emilia on 13/09/2017

    easy to use and it is working! my cat feels much better and has better urin test results. Great that Miscota has big pack, not easy to buy.

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